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Energy Consultancy

In order to foster new growth vectors, EDP Group , through EDP International, has been promoting the internationalization of their skills and efforts for prospection of consulting and investment opportunities in priority geographies.

EDP International operates in the market developing diversified projects of consultancy, strategic advisory and training. Its technical and management teams hold a deep knowledge of the critical challenges that the energy sector faces. Versatility that allows the developing of different project profiles, in emerging or developed economies. EDP International thus intends to centralize the knowledge of the different business units of the EDP Group, which translate into a portfolio of competitive and sustainable services along the value chain of the energy sector, namely:

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Electricity generation
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A - Resource assessment and project identification

B - Project development and construction management

C - Operation and Maintenance

D - Innovative solutions (micro grids, distributed generation, etc.)

Transmission and Distribution
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A - Systems planning and network design

B - Standardization

C - Project development and construction management

D - Automation and control

E - Operation, maintenance and process design

F - Smart grids

Supply and Efficiency
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A - Energy efficiency solutions for the B2C segment (residential and SME)

B - Energy efficiency solutions for the B2B segment (industry, trade, services and public sector)

C - Commercial offers design (tariffs, marketing, partnerships, etc.)

D - Innovative solutions (ESCO, energy management systems)

Transversal areas of expertise
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A - Training (Technical and Executive)

B – Management for Sustainability

C - Regulatory modelling & legal framework

D - Center for Technical Excellence

All projects are designed to ensure:

- The development of the electrical system;

- Improved efficiency and results

- The permanent engagement of local communities

As a reference power utility company, EDP Group develops Access to Energy Projects in developing countries, focusing on regions and remote rural areas without connection to the grid, in order to contribute to the social, economic and environmental development of the communities.

EDP Internacional also represents EDP in the joint venture created with China Three Gorges (CTG) – the Hydro Global Investment Limited - which develops small and medium sized hydro projects (20-300 MW) in emerging markets with high potential.

Energy Consulting


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