Energy begins with us. And the future is today.

We set out our ambitious goals, always with a commitment to create a network of energy, talent, technology, with more global and efficient solutions. Decarbonize, digitalize, and decentralize are the action verbs on this path to change. We are spearheading the energy transition and assuming the responsibility to challenge the world to join us.

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“We were pioneers in renewable energy. Our capacity to anticipate puts us in a distinctive position to lead the energy transition”

António Mexia, CEO of EDP Group

Read the full message of António Mexia, the Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors.


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About us

40 years of history

Throughout our 40 years of history, we have cemented a relevant presence in the global energy panorama, being present in 19 countries and 4 continents. We have about 11,700 employees and are present in the entire electricity value chain and in the gas commercialization activity.

Where we are:

What we do:

Our performance:

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Main events

Know all the moments that marked the relationship of the EDP Group with its investors.

Our energy

Sustainability awards and partnerships

We respond to the challenges that arise along the way thanks to all the employees who are part of the EDP family and the various partnerships with organizations that are dedicated to sustainability in its environmental, economic and social aspects. The awards we have achieved together reflect our energy.


A Human and inclusive company:


In 2019 we dared!

We are committed to using our energy for a more just and sustainable world. Sometimes it just takes a little dedication and someone to open the door, revealing the opportunities that exist in each community.


Working towards a more sustainable planet:

We are committed to sustainable development, fully assuming the structuring role in energy, supporting more balanced growth models from an economic, environmental and social point of view. We also maintain our commitment in ensuring that our activity actively contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Strategic Update

Our future

We are committed to transforming the world by 2030. This vision was recently reinforced in the Strategic Plan 2019- 22, that besides establishing objectives and goals for 2022, establishes a transparent ambition for 2030 focused in the decarbonization in order to place EDP in the leadership in the energetic transition.

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