Diversity and inclusion

To add differences is to go further, to bring together distinct points of view and ways of seeing the world, to integrate all dimensions, to be consciously inclusive and, thus, to become stronger.

As a socially responsible company, we incorporate the principles of Diversity and Inclusion in our values and practices. We aim to attract, develop and retain different sources of talent, acknowledging diversity as a driver of organizational innovation, which allows us to acquire a more complete view of the society in which we are included.

The EDP Group currently identifies as priority areas of intervention: gender equality, the integration of people with disabilities, the coexistence of different generations and the inclusion of different nationalities in the organization, seeking to ensure an environment of openness in a workplace where mutual respect and equal opportunity prevail.

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Gender Equality

We aim to implement a cultural shift towards equality that impacts numbers and reflects the defined goals.

The EDP Group is characterized by a male predominance in most functions. This reality is related to the historical / cultural heritage associated with the Group's Core Business, to which, traditionally, the active male population was more targeted. This gap has been narrowing with a gradual increase in the female workforce, but is still far from the balance we want to achieve. 

To this end, we commit ourselves to recruiting and selecting in an equal manner skills, aspirations, needs and responsibilities of women and men, to encourage women and men alike to lifelong learning and to make full use of their abilities and knowledge, to ensure compliance with the principle of “equal pay for equal work” between employees of both genders and on the basis of merit appreciation, and to recognize equally the skills of employees, regardless of gender, in the processes of promotion and career progression.

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We are a proud member of:


Women at EDP: the road to equality

As a mirror of society, EDP has made great strides in the path to diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities.

Read in the following article the story of some women at EDP.

EDP Brasil

First Women-Only Electrician School

Committed to gender equality, EDP Brasil promotes vocational training for women who want to be electricians.

Integration of people with disabilities

We are actively working on creating the necessary conditions and improving internal processes for people with disabilities.  

The integration of people with disabilities in the labor market is now understood as a decisive factor for social inclusion, economic independence and the consequent appreciation and personal fulfillment of all citizens.

As such, the EDP Group is committed to encourage the recruitment of people with disabilities and to ensure that these people are guaranteed equal opportunities in career management, remuneration and social benefits, training and knowledge sharing.


Partnership with Associação Salvador

With this partnership, we intend to support, enhance and train people with disabilities so that they can enter the labor market with more skills. 

Inclusion of different nationalities

Different cultures, habits and ways of working reflect more openness and growth for companies. Being the international EDP Group, having over 40 nationalities, we seek to promote a global feel and alignment in the way we work and communicate.

Trainee Program

A meeting between various nationalities

15 women and 15 men, from 11 nationalities. Each edition of the program is a new opportunity to bring young talent from around the world to join us.

Coexistence of generations

We are increasingly seeking to consider the different needs of the generations present at the EDP Group, fostering active dialogue and the passing of knowledge. 

The evolution of times has brought a great challenge for EDP - ensuring that the knowledge of previous generations is not lost, while integrating young employees, technological innovation and new ways of working.

edp history

A meeting between several generations

We created the program Valorizar a Experiência to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of older employees and boost their transfer, before leaving for retirement or pre-retirement.