Principles and Policies

Its scope covers all the companies fully held by EDP Portugal and, for guidance, all companies and/or bodies in which EDP has an investment, the Foundations and the Institute.

The EDP Group makes the following public commitment in relation to diversity:

  • Promotion of mutual respect and equal opportunities in relation to diversity.
  • Recognition of differences as a source of enhancement of human potential and promotion of diversity in the organisation, in management and strategy.
  • Adoption of positive discrimination measures and awareness raising, internally and with the community, for the effective implementation and efficacy of the diversity policy.

    This policy is based on the following general principles, which are included in the Code of Ethics and the Principles of Sustainable Development of the EDP Group:

  • EDP undertakes to guarantee compliance with applicable international and local legislation in the area of equality and diversity. 
  • EDP recognizes, at the level of the international community, that human rights must be considered fundamental and universal, based on international Conventions, Treaties and initiatives such as the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organisation and the Global Compact. 
  • EDP undertakes to promote respect for equal opportunities for all employees and potential employees.  All its labour practices, policies and procedures are oriented towards preventing discrimination and differentiated treatment based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, disability, cultural orientation, politics or opinions of any other type, social origin, birthplace or trade union membership.
  • EDP undertakes to promote integrity, rigour, individual responsibility and teamwork and to promote diversity.
  • EDP undertakes to promote correctness, courtesy, friendliness and professional pride in relationships with customers and suppliers, and respect for the relevant rights, sensitivities and diversity.
  • EDP undertakes to establish a single International Mobility Policy for all business units of the EDP Group, guaranteeing equality in the treatment of employees seconded on international work.
  • EDP undertakes to promote best practices and training for its Stakeholders in relation to diversity and to improvement and monitor improvement plans in this area.
This policy was approved by the Executive Board of Directors (EBD) on January 29th 2013.