EDP Summer Internship

EDP is a global energy company, which leads based on the values of innovation, sustainability and humanization.

By using futuristic technology, we create solutions which highly focused on the needs of our people and our customers, never neglecting our role and contribution to society.

To achieve all of our goals, we aim to attract diverse profiles with high potential, through the diverse and professional opportunities we create.

About the program

Our EDP Summer Internship is aimed at young university students of the most different backgrounds, and preferably on their 3rd year of their bachelor degree or the 1st year of their master's degree, and to students of technical-professional courses who want to gain a professional experience in their summer holidays.

The application process:


The application process for EDP Professional Internships takes place between March and April. The recruitment process is completely remote and consists of 4 steps: online application, selection of resumes, online assessment and final interview.

*Note: due to the pandemic context, there may be the possibility of the program being carried out remotely.


What do we have for you?

  • A flexible experience of 1 to 3 months in a leading international company in its industry
  • Opportunities for personal and professional development 
  • An amazing team always willing to help you through your internship 
  • Possibility to build a network  
  • Recognition of your contribution through an Internship Exchange 

Who and what are we looking for?

  • Diverse profiles of the most different backgrounds, preferably students of the 3rd year of graduation, 1st year of master's degree or technical-professional courses
  • Collaborative spirit coupled with excellent communicative capacity
  • Will to learn on-the-job
  • Focus on learning and continuous improvement
  • Proactivity, enthusiasm and energy
  • Disruptive minds allied to innovation

applications are closed

applications open in 2022

If you wish to deepen your knowledge in the labor market, learn from the best professionals and contribute with your energy to a challenging project during this summer, apply for it! 

Start your summer with energy and apply!

edp summer internships

"EDP's summer stage was a super enriching experience. In a year as atypical as 2020, it was necessary to keep the stage 100% remote, but neither did that get me away from the company. The team I worked with was spectacular, I felt supported from day one, developing autonomous work, but never alone.

The effort of the HR team to bring the trainees closer was commendable, trying to give as much normality and conviviality as possible to such an abnormal situation, also offering opportunities for learning and networking."

- Maria Adelaide Ambrósio (2020)


Any questions?

If you have questions take a look at the list of frequently asked questions.

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EDP Digital Open Days

A 3 day event, divided by 3 digital sessions held by 3 different companies, designed by EDP to introduce you to the projects and energy challenges that present themselves globally.  

Be part of this initiative, learn more about EDP, our projects and our programs for young people, and discover the right challenge for you.

EDP Digital Open Days