edp trainee program 2018/19
The world is filled with impossible ideas!

We believe our trainees can help us make ours possible

Welcome to our world of Possibilities!

Each Trainee Program edition is a new opportunity for EDP to invite young talents from all over the world to join us and be an active part of one of the most compelling Trainee Programs in the market.

After a fun, intense and rigorous recruitment process, in September 2018, EDP has gathered up a group of 30 trainees for the class of 2019 that will help us turn impossible ideas into possible.

Through EDP Trainee Program, we will give new talents the tools to develop themselves professionally and personally and they will also have the chance to get to know and influence different business areas and, in most cases, have an international mobility experience.

The class of 2018/19

Oasis ao entardecer - exposicao

EDP Trainee Program class of 2018/2019 is composed by 30 trainees from 11 nationalities. Their academic background goes from aerospace, electric power and physics engineering to computer science, renewable energies or business administration.


What do they say about the program:

"It’s one of the best opportunities you’ll find in today’s market to jumpstart your career after you finish your studies. It’s a challenge, for sure, but one that will make you grow as a professional at an exponential rate, mostly due to the many different experiences you’ll face. I believe it’s one of the best programs of its kind and one that will allow you to learn on the job and in formal training situations." - Beatriz Mendes

Beatriz Mendes

"Being a trainee is having the ability to rapidly alter themes and environments whilst maintaining the necessary resilience to deliver “everything” while not knowing a thing. Is being able to use ignorance as a “question machine gun” and call almost everything into question. Is having the will to discover and the ability to add value." - Bernardo Vala

Bernardo Vala

"Throughout this incredible journey I have learnt a lot with all the projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on and have been encouraged not only to share my own ideas but also been given the chance to implement them. I have met the most professional and kind people, who are always willing to collaborate and share their knowledge and experience." - Catarina Arroz

Catarina Arroz

"With lots of new chunks of knowledge in my bag, a set of amazing colleagues I’ve met and some very good friends, I come to the end of the program with the feeling of having built a small periscope, metaphorically speaking: being able to see what is happening in a more transversal way, in all directions. And it is just the beginning. So, how did it feel? Thrilling, Welcoming, Challenging." - Eduardo Boratto

Eduardo Boratto
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Just arriving
We were there to attend Gabriele Catalano's arrival in Lisbon to participate in the EDP Trainee Program's onboarding process.
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Onboarding Kick off
We kicked off the onboarding with 2 unique days at Castelo de Bode Dam where they got to know each other and exchange (im)possible ideas for their future.
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The world of Trainees!
We followed their day-to-day lives and the challenges they faced in the different companies and geographies where we operate.
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