We challenge them to change the world

We believe that volunteering develops our people and their talent, multiplies the purpose and meaning of what we do, and actively contributes to the development and transformation of the communities where we operate.

Our employees can dedicate 4 hours a month to volunteering initiatives. Learn more about our Volunteering Program.

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A day of volunteering

We followed Luciana, an EDP employee in Portugal, in a volunteering day. Come with us!

We create the conditions for them to shine

We offer collaborative and innovative spaces that foster flexibility, teamwork, and a balance between professional and personal life.

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Joana's day at EDP

Find out what a typical work day looks like for Joana, a designer who works at the Group's headquarters in Lisbon.

We invest in their growth

We know that people are our most important asset, and that is why we invest in intergenerational knowledge sharing and in the ongoing training of our employees, so they can improve their skills and attain a sense of accomplishment.

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Learn more about this corporate university, a project to retain and share knowledge within the EDP Group.


We support them and their families

We know that promoting a balance between work and family life is crucial to being a more competitive company and building a fairer society based on flexibility, respect, and equal opportunities. That is why we offer our employees a wide range of benefits that strengthen our position as a family-friendly company.

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EDP summer camps

Sleeping in dormitories or tents, interacting with people from different backgrounds, and learning - a lot - through experience. Find out more about EDP Summer Camps.


We are a family-friendly company

EDP RenewablesEDP Spain and EDP in Portugal are certified by Fundación Másfamília as family-friendly companies. EDP Portugal is also the first portuguese company recognized with the level of excellency.