We present the 8-episode documentary series about our commitment for the coming years: we aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030.

A story that begins in coal plants, now closed in Portugal, and continues with the global growth of our company, which has become the 4th largest producer of renewable energies in the world. We were pioneers in wind power in 2021, and we are now strengthening this path, through the commitment to change, today, tomorrow - Changing Tomorrow Now.

We are committed to produce energy only from the power of the sun, wind and water.

In these episodes, released weekly, we will also spread to word about the projects that are being developed with figures that embody these values and embody the brand's commitment to the elements of sun, wind and water.

Episode 1: The beginning of the story

Episode 2: Manifest

Episode 3: Globalisation


Episode 4: Innovation


Episode 5: The New Solar Energy


Episode 6: EDP Surf For Tomorrow


Episode 7: EDP Atlantic Mission


Episode 8: EDP Art Reef