The Financial Matters Committee/Audit Committee is a specialized committee of the General and Supervisory Board, responsible for the supervision of the financial information of the Company. Its operation is governed by internal rules of procedures.


The Financial Matters Committee/Audit Committee’s mission is to monitor and supervise on a permanent basis:

  • Financial matters and accounting practices. 
  • Internal audit practices and procedures. 
  • The internal mechanisms and procedures of the Internal Control System for Financial reporting (ICSFR). 
  • Matters relating to risk management and control system. 
  • The activities and mechanisms of the compliance management system. 
  • The activity and independence of the Statutory Auditor (SA) / Order of the Official Chartered Accountants (OROC) of the company.


The Financial Matters Committee/Audit Committee is composed of independent members of the General and Supervisory Board with the appropriate qualification and experience, with a minimum of three members and necessarily including at least one member who has a university degree suitable for the exercise of its duties and knowledge in auditing or accounting.

  • João Carvalho das Neves (Chairman)
  • Maria del Carmen Rozado
  • Sofia Salgado Pinto