The Shareholders' Meeting is the highest body of the Company. In it are represented shareholders that meet the conditions set out in the Company’s contract for their participation.


The Shareholders' Meeting has the following functions: Appreciating the report of the Board of Directors, discuss and vote on the balance sheet, on the accounts and on the opinion of the Statutory Auditor and the General and Supervisory Board and of the Audit Committee, if any, and decide on the application of the results of the exercise;

Elect and dismiss the members of the Executive Board of Directors and the General and Supervisory Board, as well as the respective Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen, if any, the Statutory Auditor, the proposal of the General Council and Supervisory Board or, by delegation, the Audit Committee, and also the members of the Council of Environment and Sustainability; To decide on any changes to the bylaws, including capital increases; To appoint a Remuneration Committee with the mandate to determine the remuneration of members of governing bodies whose members should be mostly independent; To analyze the annual activity report of the General and Supervisory Board

Shareholders' Meeting Board

The Shareholders' Meeting Board consists of a president and vice president elected by the Shareholders' Meeting and by the Company’s Secretary



President Luís Maria Viana Palha da Silva

Vice President Rui Pedro Costa Melo Medeiros

Voting and Shareholders Rights

According to the articles of the association, the meetings of the EDP General Assembly may only be attended by the shareholders with voting rights, one vote corresponding to each share. According to EDP’s bylaws, the votes cast by a shareholder, in his own name or as the representative of another, won’t be considered if they 25% of the total votes corresponding to the share capital.

Shareholders passing a stake greater than or equal to 5% of the voting rights or of the capital, must report it to the Executive Board of Directors, within five business days from the date on which the before mentioned withholding was verified, not being able to exercise the corresponding voting rights until they’ve communicated that fact.

For this purpose, the voting rights of the same shareholder are considered to be issued, which, under the Portuguese Securities Code, are regarded as parts of an important stake; in this case, the shareholders have the duty to provide the Board of Directors with all the information that the same requests about the facts concerning them in writing and in a complete, objective, clear and truthful manner, and to the satisfaction of this body,