The Strategy and Performance Committee is a specialized committee of the General and Supervisory Board with defined competences in the areas of corporate strategy, namely investments, financing and strategic partnerships. The works of the Strategy and Performance Committee are ruled by an internal regulation.


The Strategy Committee permanently monitors the following matters:

  • Long, medium and short term scenarios and strategies;
  • Strategic implementation, business planning and respective budgets;
  • Major investments and divestments;
  • Debt and financing;
  • Strategic partnerships;
  • Evolution of markets and competition;
  • Regulatory issues;
  • Analysis of performance of the Group and the Business Units;
  • The benchmarking of the company group performance compared with the companies at the top of the sector;
  • The assessment of the competitiveness of the EDP business portfolio.


Eduardo Catroga (Chairman)

Augusto Mateus

Fernando Masaveu Herrero

Ignacio Herrero Ruiz

Jorge Braga de Macedo

Karim Djebbour

Laurie Fitch

Mohammed Al-Shamsi

Nuno Amado

Shengliang Wu

Vasco Rocha Vieira

Internal Regulations
Regulations of the Strategy and Performance Committee