EDP aligned with COP25 goals

This year's Conference of the Parties (COP25) kicks off with the goal of preparing 2020 and a decade of change. It aims to reinforce the goal to limit the global temperature increase to 1.5°C.

At EDP, we are aligned with this goal and we will attend the Conference.

The whole world is in the process of transformation, in search of sustainable development. The challenge is to ensure a fair energy transition capable of slowing down, or even halting, ongoing climate change, leaving no one behind. This goal is very ambitious and can only be achieved with the strong commitment of states and local governments, but also with the active involvement of the scientific community, the private sector, and the citizens themselves as key elements of change.

It is in this context that Chile chairs the next United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP25), where it is expected that the 197 Parties that compose the treaty (196 countries and the European Union) will be able to continue to implement the agreements developed in previous Conventions and establish new specific obligations to combat climate change. The main priorities of the Chilean presidency for this COP are: to strongly increase goals (with a balance between mitigation and adaptation); set targets for global carbon market mechanisms, and address COP's evolution, focusing on its implementation.

The meeting will take place from December 2nd to 13th in Madrid, after Chile was unable to organize the event due to strong protests in the country. This event, which will bring together more than 25000 participants, will feature several formal discussion panels, as well as several parallel events where the main contributing themes for "decarbonization," such as the role and acceleration of renewable energies, electric mobility, circular economy, fair transition, sustainable finance, among others, will be discussed.

At EDP Group we are aligned with the COP25 objectives

Sustainable development is an integral part of our strategy, with clear and demanding sustainability goals.

Since 2008 we remain on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) as one of the most sustainable companies in the world, making a commitment to actively contribute to climate action efforts:

  • 90% of EDP's electricity generation by 2030 should be from renewable sources
  • 90% reduction in company-specific CO2 emissions from 2005, until 2030
  • 2050 = achieve carbon neutrality

We have also recently set the goal, along with 135 other major companies, to align with the trajectory needed to limit global warming to 1.5 °C through a set of ambitious actions. This commitment was formalized at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York in September.

EDP at COP25


EDP will have a strong presence over the various days of the event, with strong participation from members of different Group companies.

Meet the conferences EDP will attend:

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Carbon Pricing and the Power Sector, december 3rd, Ana Quelhas
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This Tuesday, December 3rd, at COP25, EDP participated in the event Carbon Pricing and the Power Sector – Opportunities to Accelerate Decarbonisation, held in the Blue Zone.

Ana Quelhas, EDP's Director of Energy Planning, stressed the importance of ensuring the proper functioning of emissions trading or other mechanisms that incorporate a CO2 price signal in goods and services, so that effective CO2 emission reductions can occur.

She also stressed that it is necessary to "involve all economic sectors in such a way that the revenues collected are distributed among the economic sectors that may be penalized, with the consequent risk of relocation or carbon leakage, and also take into account people to achieve an orderly and fair transition."

La innovación como herramienta para combatir el cambio climático, 4 de dezembro, Luís Santos
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On December 4th at COP25, EDP organized the event La innovación como herramienta para combatir el cambio climático, in the Green Zone. 

Luís Santos, from EDP Inovação, explained how, with the development of renewable energies, it is necessary to store energy previously produced to match supply and demand. Today this technology is not yet available, but it is not possible to wait. Learning by doing or using allows you to come up with very agile and disruptive solutions. A circular innovation model or knowledge cycle, in which startups are experts, who develop technological solutions for what they are looking for. EDP ​​believes in this methodology and that is why it launched the EDP Starter program. Some of the startups involved in the project even participated in the conference.

DotGIS. Startup has developed a solar map of all Spain, from which it calculates the energy that can be produced and compares it with consumption. This way, it is possible to infer the profitability of a project in a matter of minutes.

DEXMA. With information stored in smart meters and artificial intelligence, an algorithm is being developed to identify consumer inefficiencies without the need to install additional hardware.

Flexidao. Solutions for the traceability of renewable energy certificates through Blockchain technology, useful in energy purchase agreements (PPAs), electric mobility, among others. Edp, El Corte Inglés and Flexidao have reached an agreement to certify the renewable energy source of consumption of two shopping centers located in Malaga and Seville.

Koala. To be profitable, wind power needs ever-larger-bladed wind turbines, which brings with it huge assembly difficulties that make a project unviable. This startup proposes a disruptive solution based on koalas.

Innovación Social para el cumplimiento del ODS7, 5 de decembro, Yolanda Fernández
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The event “Inversión sostenible, la inversión del futuro”, organized by Banco Santander, addressed the activities of the participating companies (NH Hoteles, Calvo Group, EDP and Santander Ativos) in the fight against climate change.

EDP ​​underlined its commitment to adhering to the “Business Ambition for 1.5 ° C” Agreement and the orientation of the strategic plan along the energy decarbonization and demand electrification pillars. EDP's plan for building renewables, generating mobility and adapting to cope with the effects of climate change was discussed. It was also commented the green financing and the pertinence of the sustainability indices to obtain financing in better conditions.

Plataformas Tecnológicas de Energía, 6 de dezembro, Yolanda Fernández
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The event “Plataformas tecnológicas – Promoviendo la adopción de tecnologías energéticas renovables”, organized by the Energy Technology Platforms Committee of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, was attended by the presidents of the storage platforms (EDP), biomass, photovoltaic, solar thermal, wind, nuclear fission and hydrogen.

Technology platforms have underscored their supportive role for Spanish agents (companies, technology centers and universities) to find opportunities for the development of technologies that are not yet fully mature or are not yet in the market to meet the needs of their niche.

All coincide in the need for storage for the development and profitability of different technologies.

Transport Action Event e Transport Decarbonisation Alliance, december 7th, Rui Teixeira
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During the weekend, Rui Teixeira participated in two COP25 sessions, namely “Transport Action Event” and “Transport Decarbonisation Alliance”. Here, EDP's commitment to limit global warming to a maximum of 1.5 degrees centigrade was reinforced. At the same time, the role of leading the energy transition was assumed, with the goal of reaching 2030 with 90% of production from renewable sources. Another focus of the company's action is the intense work on several fronts to contribute to the decarbonization of the energy sector, such as transportation.

The debate was marked by the following topics:

  1. The transport sector's goal to be carbon neutral by 2050;
  2. Changing the behavior of the traveler;
  3. Reaching 1M customers with 3-mobility solutions by 2022, doubling public charging points, numerous B2B and B2C solutions and partnering with shared mobility platforms.
Hydropower Extending Power System Flexibility, december 10th, Sara Goulartt
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"Hydropower Extending Power System Flexibility" event organized by the International Hydropower Association in the Blue Zone, with Sara Goulartt, Deputy Director, EDP's Climate and Environment Department, as a speaker. At the event, it was highlighted that the electricity sector has a fundamental role in the energy transition, to achieve a more efficient and flexible system.

Increasing energy from renewable technologies drastically influences the power supply of the grid, its operation and safety, and to accommodate these technologies, a flexible power generation system is required. In this way, the European Commission and a consortium of various partners, including EDP Produção, presented an initiative within the Horizon 2020 research program to demonstrate how smart hydro-based technology can contribute to the development of a safe electrical system, resilient and low carbon.

Transforming the energy system for a climate neutral economy - Wind Float Atlantic, december 10th, José Miguel Pinheiro
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Event “Transforming the energy system for a climate neutral economy - Wind Float Atlantic” organized by EU Energy Day in the Blue Zone, with the intervention of José Miguel Pinheiro, director of the Wind Float Atlantic Project (InnovFin EDP). The Atlantic EDP Wind float Atlantic project, which was funded by the European Union NER300 program, is the European Union's first offshore wind generation floating platform. This innovative project has successfully passed the pilot phase and should now be operational by 2020.

On the other hand, the event also underlined the importance of hydrogen technology as a possible alternative way of storing energy and mobility or as a substitute for coal in industrial processes, which would facilitate the achievement of the decarbonisation targets by 2050.

Electro-movilidad y Cambio Climático, december 10th, Javier Sáenz de Jubera
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"Electro-mobility and Climate Change" event, organized by AELEC and ANFAC (employer of car manufacturers), and with the participation of Javier Sáenz de Jubera, EDP Spain.

With the participation of major car manufacturers and electricity companies, there was an urgent need to implement coordinated plans for growth of the electric vehicle fleet to meet the established objectives. These plans should focus on three key pillars, namely ensuring that the price of the electric vehicle is equal to the price of the thermal vehicle, that its range increases and that the charging infrastructure improves. Management has also requested not only tax incentives on electric vehicles, but also reduced VAT and greater coordination and ease between administrations for infrastructure deployment.

High Level Roundtable on Climate Action & SDG7, december 10th, António Mexia
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High Level Roundtable on Climate Action & SDG7” event organized by Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action in the Blue Zone, with the intervention of António Mexia, president of EDP. António Mexia stated that a fair energy transition is necessary, leaving no one behind. The good news is that renewable energy is the cheapest source of energy. The bad news is that the road is not ambitious enough. A long-term energy policy that increases public funding and reinvest the carbon price income in sectors that may be harmed in this transition is essential.

  • La electrificación, clave para el cambio climático, December 7th, Yolanda Fernández
  • La energía eólica, December 7th, Rafael Munilla
  • Low Carbon Power Generation & Distribution, December 9th, Madalena Callé
  • Niños y educación para el cambio climático, taller para escolares, December 9th, Beatriz Alvarez
  • Carbon Pricing and Competitiveness, December 9th, Madalena Callé
  • Flexibility for the Energy Transition, December 10th, António Mexia
  • High Level Business Climate Action Event, December 11th, António Mexia
  • Escaparate de soluciones innovadoras para la descarbonización, December 12th, Luís Santos
  • Tiempo de actuar en la Empresa, December 12th, JC Marinas
  • Investigamos para reducir nuestra huella en el planeta ¿nos ayudas?, December 13th, Luís Santos

You can see the official COP 25 agenda and the list of events of COP25.