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EDP as a Top Employer

EDP has been recognized by the Top Employer Institute as one of the best companies to work for in Portugal. This certification celebrates the excellence of the company's human resource policies, which aim to provide employees with the best working conditions so they can grow and develop across the organization.

Despite the challenges experienced in 2020, EDP started the TOP Employer certification process by means of a stringent, all-encompassing method which assessed our workers' experience in various areas, including: Employer Branding, Recruitment and Onboarding, Development, Workplace Environment and Wellbeing, Compensation and Benefits, Diversity and Inclusion, Ethics and Integrity, and Sustainability.

With this certification, EDP once again reiterates its commitment to its workers and to the strategy the company has implemented in order to become an employer of first choice.

From EDP's results, we highlight: 100% score in Business Strategy (vs. 98% PT; vs. 97% EU); 100% score in Engagement (vs. 86% PT; vs. 83% EU); 94% score in People Strategy (vs. 88% PT; vs. 90% EU); and 95% score in Digital HR (vs. 81% PT; vs. 81% EU).

According to Paula Carneiro (Head of EDP Group's People Experience Unit), this certification "(...) is a recognition that places us among the best employers in the world, thanks to our resilience, adaptability, and our commitment to the organization and our people, even in such uncertain and surprising times as we live today. Being a Top Employer 2021 motivates us to continue working towards our main differentiating factor: our people."

She also points out that "Today, more than ever, the way organizations relate to their employees is extremely important. In our current situation, it is important to send an even stronger message of respect, appreciation of human life, protection, and proximity. We at EDP are focused on creating a workplace environment that will allow us to develop the skills that are necessary to everyone's success. It is with this vision that we embrace our role as people managers!"

Paula Carneiro, Head of People Experience Unit at EDP Group

The Top Employers Institute's certification program is based on participation and research results of best human resources practices. This certification process assesses 600 people development practices divided into 6 domains: steer, shape, attract, develop, engage and unite.

Detailed overview of the evolution of EDP, in the different domains:

top employer
top employer

In addition to EDP, EDP Renováveis also achieved this recognition in Portugal and, for the third consecutive year, was considered one of the best companies to work for in six countries: Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Poland and Romania - thus achieving TOP certification Employer Europe.

It is worth pointing out that the Top Employers Institute is the world's leading certification organization for people management policies and practices. Established 30 years ago, the Top Employers Institute has certified more than 1,600 organizations in 120 countries, positively impacting the lives of more than 7 million employees worldwide.

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The new generation that arrives at EDP

In the digital age, EDP wants people and technology to fight for the impossible. Augmented reality, biometrics, drones, data analysis, and cybersecurity are terms we do not normally associate with EDP. But it is the reality of a Group that is going through a process of transformation and generational rejuvenation. In response to the digital revolution and the ever-changing needs of customers, EDP has been integrating young people who perform more technological and more "out-of-the-box" activities.

New generation

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How we take care of our people

We challenge our people to change the world! Learn how we take care of our people.

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Diversity and inclusion at EDP

As a socially responsible company, we incorporate the principles of Diversity and Inclusion in our values and practices. We aim to attract, develop and retain different sources of talent, acknowledging diversity as a driver of organizational innovation, which allows us to acquire a more complete view of the society in which we are included. To add differences is to gain future.

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