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EDP has been adopting a set of preventive and contingency measures due to the global spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The implementation of these measures is in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), and the official health entities in the different countries in which the group operates.

The EDP Group's Contingency Plan adapted to the scope of COVID-19 and has the main goal of managing the impact of the pandemic situation on employees, service providers and on the business of the Group's companies, aiming at:

  • Safeguarding people's lives, reducing the risk of contamination in the workplace and reinforcing employees' information and knowledge regarding their self-protection;
  • Activation of a decision and coordination structure at EDP and at the companies of the Group; 
  • Activation of Business Continuity Plans, with the necessary adaptations to the covid-19 disease, in order to have an operational response capacity which is able to simultaneously minimize the conditions for the spread of the pandemic and ensure the functioning of essential services;
  • Monitoring the evolution of the pandemic, the effectiveness of the measures adopted and the need to adjust or adopt new measures depending on the results and the external context;
  • Responding to notification and communication needs, both internal and external;
  • Resumption of normal activity in safe conditions, as soon as the situation in each country / region allows it.

Thus, to ensure that EDP has a response strategy that mitigates the risk of infection within the scope of COVID-19 and to ensure the continuity of the business, several measures were adopted, among which we highlight:

  • Ensuring essential activities and services throughout the value chain;
  • Ensuring that the essential activities and services performed at EDP and its customers' facilities are carried out in safe conditions, maintaining a social distance of at least 2 meters and / or using the appropriate personal protective equipment;
  • Adopting the remote working regime for most employees and reducing to the minimum the necessary duration of physical presence in the workplace and the number of employees on the teams that provide essential services;
  • Restricting access to the facilities, reducing it to the minimum necessary and adopting exceptional rules of use for those that have to use them, whether they are employees or service providers.
  • Limiting national and international travel to what is strictly necessary, in order to ensure essential services;
  • Establishing that employees returning from international travel will be working remotely for a period of not less than 14 days, and their return only occurs if symptoms of cough, fever or breathing difficulties are not manifested.
  • Privileging communication using digital tools throughout the value chain, which applies to employees, suppliers, service providers, customers and other stakeholders;
  • Privileging digital and remote service channels with customers and other stakeholders.

These measures are applied to all the companies in the EDP Group. In the case of EDP Spain, EDP Brasil and EDP Renováveis, the measures are adapted to the restrictions and guidelines of local health agencies. 

The EDP Group is aware of the diversity and relevance of the various stakeholders, and is available to collaborate with them in order to establish appropriate measures, adjusted to the different operational, economic, and social circumstances.

Find out the measures we are taking in each of the EDP Group's energy production, distribution and supply companies:

edp and coronavirus

Find out what we are doing in the 4 corners of the world


Know more about some EDP Group initiatives:


50 ventilators and 200 monitors donation in Portugal

EDP and CTG, in coordination with Health Ministry and with the support of the Portuguese Embassy in Beijin, acquired 50 ventilators, 200 monitors and other support consumables and equipments. An investment of around 4 million euros.



EDP delivers over 500 thousand masks and personal protective suits to hospitals

The material list, which started arriving this Wednesday, April 1st, includes 500,000 surgical masks, close to 20,000 FFP2 masks (respirators) and 10,000 protective suits.

EDP doa 500 mil máscaras e fatos de proteção


EDPR will contribute €750,000 to the fight against Covid-19

EDP Renováveis has set up initiatives in all its markets to help local communities combat the pandemic. 


EDP in Brazil donates R$ 6 million to buy hospital equipments

EDP in Brazil donated R$ 6 million to the social organization Comunitas to buy ventilators to public hospitals in São Paulo. 



EDP in Spain will supply free energy to its clients who develop solidarity projects against Covid-19

EDP opens the “Solidarity Clients” fund to help projects that fight coronavirus. It will supply free energy for two months to social, business or personal initiatives for this cause

EDP Volunteering

I dare now more than ever

We know that in an emergency situation such as COVID-19, it is essential to act NOW.

Under our Volunteering Program, there are already 22 initiatives combined between Portugal, Spain and Brazil, which are available to all EDP Group employees. We have a team of around 300 volunteers, 95 beneficiary NGOs, and we have helped more than 6500 people.



EDP donates € 750,000 for the development, production and access to vaccines

The initiative “Global response to COVID-19 - donors' conference” promoted by the European Commission aims to bring together the efforts of governments, entrepreneurs, foundations and citizens of the European Union to collect € 7.5 billion to accelerate the development, production and equitable access to vaccines, diagnostics and treatments for COVID-19.
The Portuguese Government has advanced an amount of around € 1.55m to this cause. Donations from companies and institutions add up to € 8.45m, with EDP donating € 750,000.

vacina covid

We continue to do our job

Telecommuting: the home office

From Spain to Brazil, from Portugal to the United States, the decision to implement work from home was taken very quickly.

At home or in protected facilities, workers from around the world fight for our energy. Get to know the story of some EDP employees in this different routine: working, socializing or meeting, from a computer.


Covid-19: a laboratory for teleworking

This ease in the transition to teleworking did not happen without reason at EDP. From some years ago, the Group started a process of digital transformation that turned out to be precious at this time. 

teletrabalho na EDP