EDP Digital Open Days

Times have changed and with the vast majority of the world closed at home, windows of opportunity tend to open. That’s how EDP Digital Open Days was born.

3 days divided by 3 digital sessions, designed by EDP to introduce you to the projects, solutions and energy challenges that present themselves globally.

The future of energy passes through here. And through you.
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Discover the program of each session:

Session 1 - April, 27th - 04:00 pm GMT (in English)

Subject: Machine Learning Applied to Utilities 

Abstract: Hugo Rosa, Data Scientist at the Digital Global Unit, will present a few EDP projects that have applied machine learning techniques to energy/utilities related challenges, e.g., detecting fraud in household energy consumption. 

Throughout the presentation, he will also discuss his view on the role of a Data Scientist in Big Data projects and how EDP has adopted cloud oriented solutions (Azure) to boost its digital transformation process.

Session 2 - April, 28th – 04:30 pm GMT (in Portuguese)

Subject: Smartgrids | EDP Distribuição

Abstract: So far, EDP Distribuição has installed more than 2.5 million smart meters. This is a reflection of a huge job, which began more than a decade ago, with the first specification work.
Today, the smart meter is already part of the lives of EDP Distribuição's consumers. However, work cannot stop.

This presentation aims to show a little about what is being done at EDP Distribuição:

• Smart Grids - Architecture and its benefits
• Smart Meters - The equipment and its functionalities
• Installation history - From InovCity to Rollout
• Main challenges

Session 3 - April, 29th - 03:00 pm GMT (in English)

Subject: IoT in the energy world - building a serverless energy management system

Abstract: Digital Transformation is happening in all industries, and EDP Comercial is also going through that path. In this session, you will learn more about a key IoT-based project that EDP Comercial has been implementing through this digital journey in order to help its customers better manage their energy. You´ll have the chance to deep dive into the implementation details of the home energy management service (EDP Re:dy) and learn how its development has been redesigned into a cloud-based, serverless approach focused on bringing more value to the customer and at a faster pace.