EDP Group Fiscal Mission

The EDP Group considers it is an ethical and civic duty to contribute to the financing of the general functions of the States where the Group is present through the payment of taxes and contributions due in accordance with the applicable Constitution and remaining laws of those States, contributing to the welfare of citizens, to a sustainable development of the Group’s local businesses and to the value creation for shareholders.

EDP Group Fiscal Policy

- To comply with tax obligations foreseen in the respective legislations and arising from the businesses and social activities carried out by EDP Group in each country, through the payment of taxes and the compliance with any reporting obligations; 

- To ensure an adequate and prudent interpretation of the law in force to the transactions performed, with the support of lawyers and external consultants and requiring the opinion of the local tax authorities when necessary and possible, in order to guarantee full compliance with the applicable legislation;

- To build a proactive, healthy and close relationship of cooperation with tax authorities of the various countries where the Group is present in order to obtain an adequate flow of the information, documentation and clarifications necessary to ensure an appropriate understanding of the transactions carried out by the Group in those countries;

- To carry out the tax function in the EDP Group companies with the utmost accuracy and professionalism in line with the "EDP Group’s Tax Mission" and taking into account:

  • that are implemented the options which are most suitable to the business and shareholders in due compliance with the spirit and letter of the Law;
  • that the EDP companies defend their legitimate interests at the administrative level and, if necessary, at the court level, when it can be reasonably interpreted that the payment of taxes and contributions can raise questions of legality;
  • that the EDP companies use the tax benefits and incentives applicable in their region that are considered appropriate to the business carried out;
  • that, in the definition of the terms and conditions of the intra-group operations, the companies consider the applicable Transfer Pricing rules, OECD guidelines and international best practices.

- To provide the conditions for individuals and entities that undertake any transactions with EDP to comply with any tax obligations directly deriving from such transactions, namely by providing the necessary generic/specific tax information or declarations which the EDP Group is legally obliged to provide or considers relevant.

Organizational Structure of the Fiscal Function of the EDP Group

- Organize, manage and train a global group of professionals specialized in international and local taxation and exclusively dedicated to achieve full compliance with EDP Group’s Tax Mission and Policy, with an active and permanent attention to the minimization of tax risks and to ensure the use of the tax benefits and incentives which are available and are reasonably applicable.

Board of Directors Deliberation