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EDP joins campaign to support Mozambique

Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique and some parts of Zimbabwe and Malawi on March 14-15, 2019. Hundreds of dead people, destroyed buildings and a devastated territory are the most visible consequences of this catastrophe, which affected, first and foremost, Mozambique.

Helping Mozambique

EDP and several other companies from various sectors have joined a campaign created by SIC Esperança in order to gather resources for APOIAR (Portuguese Association for Helping Africa), a Portuguese NGO that implements Nutrition, Health, Education and Training projects in Africa.

collecting essential goods

Hope backpacks

As part of this campaign, EDP employees across Portugal were involved in collecting goods and preparing "hope backpacks" with essential goods, according to APOIAR's diagnosis, which will now be donated to affected families in the region do Dondo, about 34 km from Beira.

The collection campaign is taking place at 30 EDP facilities and the backpacks will be sent in a container to Mozambique when media attention decreases and aid will be crucial.

EDP Distribuição technical support

On March 21, two employees of EDP Distribuição - the company that manages the electricity distribution grid in Portugal - set out for Mozambique on a mission coordinated by the Portuguese Government.

Carlos Santos and Vasco Moreira took part in a survey to identify the damage caused to distribution grids in Mozambique and helped collect information that will enable more structured and effective field operations.

EDP has also provided 15 generators of up to 100KVA.

Access to Energy in Mozambique

Energy access plays a crucial part in social development, economic prosperity, and environmental sustainability. Lack of reliable energy services hampers the provision of basic services and limits income-generating activities.

Deployment of solar systems in rural communities

Solarworks, an EDP Group invested company, has developed, in partnership with EDP's Access to Energy Program, an emergency response mechanism for the humanitarian crisis in Beira, Mozambique.

With the help of local NGOs, Solarworks has carried out a survey to identify the most appropriate locations for the distribution and deployment of solar systems in order to provide rural communities with lighting and other energy services.

This joint victim support initiative will focus on Nhamatanda district, where SolarWorks is headquartered. 60,000 families - about 320.000 people - live in this district, one of the most badly affected by the cyclone. About 125 SHS (Solar Home Systems) systems will be deployed in virtually all buildings operating in this district as shelters and health centers.

Access to Energy Fund in Mozambique

At the same time, as part of the Access to Energy Fund Program to alleviate energy poverty by promoting clean energy and sustainable projects in developing countries, EDP is also supporting two projects in Mozambique, run by Girl MOVE and UN-Habitat, which will benefit local communities.

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Access to Energy projects

Access to Energy Fund Program 2018-2019 supports energy access projects in Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. Find out more about these projects.