31 May 2021
1 min

Ribeiradio-Ermida Hydroelectric Development

The book O Património Histórico e Arqueológico do Vale do Vouga (Historical and Archaeological Heritage of Vale do Vouga) was published in 2020 by EDP Produção and Direção Regional de Cultura do Centro.
Located in the Vouga Valley and straddling parts of Oliveira de Frades, São Pedro do Sul, Sever do Vouga, and Vale de Cambra, Ribeiradio-Ermida Hydroelectric Development was built with the involvement of researchers and multidisciplinary specialists, including archaeologists, with a view to mitigating the impact of the contract works.

This involvement proved fundamental for the understanding of human settlements along the Vouga River valley at crucial points in our history, and that is why this book was born, bringing together the various scientific works of those researchers and professionals who, over the past few years, carried out this heritage rescue mission.

Historical and Archaeological Heritage of Vale do Vouga

Ribeiradio-Ermida Hydroelectric Development

Oasis ao entardecer - exposicao

Download the full version of the book here (available in Portuguese only).