Energy Sector

With a global portfolio, EDP has a relevant role in the global energy sector. Find out more about each stage in the Value Chain.

The energy we produce is delivered to the transmission network and then channeled into the distribution network. This enables the flow of energy into electricity supply points. This is the value chain stage where we focus on energy distribution.

Electricity distribution networks are made up of High, Medium and Low voltage cables and lines. Substations, transformation substations and public lighting facilities are also part and parcel of the distribution networks, as well as the necessary connections to consumer facilities and generation centers.

EDP operates in three electricity distribution markets, Portugal, Spain and Brazil, having distributed, in 2017, 78,788 GWh, through a network with more than 246 thousands km. In Portugal, the company operates throughout the mainland. In Spain, EDP operates in some autonomous communities, especially in the Asturias region. In Brazil, EDP operates in the states of Espírito Santo and São Paulo, through EDP Escelsa and EDP Bandeirante respectively.

EDP’s electricity distribution strategy is focused on the implementation of smart networks and related services, in order to meet future challenges and become an electricity distribution benchmark.

In recent years, the expansion and modernization of systems in the three countries where EDP operates, as well as the expansion of the telemeters network in the distribution network’s transformation substations, have been important strategic factors for EDP. By the end of 2017, the company had more than 2 million smart meters installed in the Iberian Peninsula. Particularly, in Portugal, we had an increase of 83% in the coverage by telemetry of distributed energy.