Energy Sector

With a global portfolio, EDP has a relevant role in the global energy sector. Find out more about each stage in the Value Chain.

Genaration is the first activity in the electricity sector’s value chain. EDP generates electricity from renewable sources such as water, wind and sun, and from non-renewable sources - mostly coal, natural gas, nuclear and cogeneration.

The company is the largest electricity generator in Portugal, the third in the Iberian Peninsula and the fifth largest private group in Brazil. In the wind energy market, EDP Renováveis is one of the leading global players.

At the end of 2017, EDP had 26,753 MW of installed capacity.

EDP Renováveis, with eolic and solar energy production, operates in Europe, North America and Brazil. with a total of 10,052 MW installed, more 624 MW than in 2016.

In Europe, it has windfarms in Portugal, Spain, France, Poland, Romania, Belgium and Italy and a project in the United kingdom. In North America, EDPR is present in three countries: EUA, Canada and Mexico. 

Because of climate change and the global agreements signed to combat such changes, renewable sources have been gaining ground in recent decades and are also the sources most commonly used by EDP.

The strategy defined by EDP for the generation activity goes through the execution of the hydro investment plan currently in progress in Portugal and to seek for growth opportunities either in EDP Renováveis or in other international expansion opportunities. As so, additions in installed capacity over the next years will be primarily focused on renewable sources.

In addition to the categorization of energy generation by energy source, it is also important to distinguish between normal scheme generation and special scheme generation. Broadly speaking, normal scheme generation is based on thermal sources or large hydro plants, while special scheme generation is achieved through mini-hydro plants, other renewable energy sources, or cogeneration.

In terms of the sector’s regulatory framework, there are different specifications depending on the market in question, and different remuneration mechanisms in the different countries where EDP operates.