Energy Sector

With a global portfolio, EDP has a relevant role in the global energy sector. Find out more about each stage in the Value Chain.

Once the energy gets to the supply point, it is sold by the supplier. Commercialization is the activity closest to the customer end of the electricity value chain. It is responsible for our relationship with end consumers.

In Iberia, electricity and gas supply is liberalized and consumers have the right to freely choose their supplier. Although the energy market is fully liberalized in both countries, there are last resort suppliers. Currently, in Portugal, these suppliers provide customers whom have not moved to the liberalized suppliers and in the future the aim will be to ensure energy supply to consumers, mainly vulnerable ones.

In Brazil, the electricity market is divided into two segments: the regulated market and the free market. Customers with consumption levels higher than 3000 kWh are considered free, while the remaining are covered by the regulated market.

EDP is present in the electricity supply activity in Portugal, Spain and Brazil, having more than 9.8 million customers in those geographies. In the gas sector, this presence is only in Iberia, where EDP has 1.5 million customers.

The customer relationship management is crucial for EDP, which has given strong relevance to the focus on clients and to improve the quality of services provided. EDP has been building up a position of brand awareness in the energy market, aiming to be an engaging company with which customers relate to.