The future of energy


Energy Sector

With a global portfolio, EDP has a relevant role in the global energy sector. Find out more about each stage in the Value Chain.

Decarbonisation continues to mark the global agenda with the stagnation of the carbon emissions of the energy sector. However, stagnation in emissions is not sufficient to meet the targets set in the Paris Agreement (December 2015).

The path of decarbonisation implicates a deep change to the economic model based on fossil fuels, a strong bet in energy efficiency, electrification based in renewables and the promotion of innovation.

EDP Annual Report 2018

Global Energy Trends

Know more about the global energy trends in a decarbonization world.

2050 Simulator

What is the future of the energy sector?

The European Union is committed to reduce CO2 emissions, until 2050. With this simulator, is posible to test the key variables of the energy sector.

simulador setor energetico 2050