EDP Foundations

social responsibility

EDP Foundations

We develop solutions that help break social exclusion cycles and contribute to a society which can build its own sustainability in a more effective and efficient manner.

This is the commitment of the EDP Group, materialized through the work of Fundação EDP in Portugal, Fundación EDP in Spain, and Instituto EDP in Brazil.


Fundação EDP

Fundação EDP is a private non-profit institution, classified as a 'general interest organization', and established in December 2004. Created by a cosmopolitan and socially responsible company, its mission is to help improve citizen's quality of life through social, cultural and scientific initiatives.


Fundación EDP

Created in 1997 as Fundación Hidrocantábrico, the institution became Fundación EDP in 2013. Its mission is to strengthen the EDP Group's commitment to environmental, social, cultural and educational sustainability in Spain.


Instituto EDP

Created in late 2007, Instituto EDP's mission is to implement the EDP Group's commitment to human and social development through access to citizenship, culture, sports and education in Brazil, encouraging citizens to rethink consumer attitudes and social engagement practices.