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EDP Volunteering

Contributing to a fairer and more efficient society in building its own sustainability: the EDP Group shoulders this commitment and involves its employees in this mission through its Volunteer Program.

We believe that volunteering develops our people and their talents and skills, it multiplies the purpose and meaning of what we do and actively contributes to the development and transformation of the communities where we are present.

Since its inception in 2011, the Program has had more than 38,900 entries, totalling more than 293,000 volunteering hours, impacting the lives of more than 1,4 million people.

Over the years, this program won its place at EDP and managed to involve employees from different countries where the company is present. In addition, it also encouraged retirees, family members, friends and EDP partners to participate in voluntary actions. Currently, 24% of EDP employees are volunteers through the company.



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EDP Volunteering in 2020:

results of edp volunteering 2020
results of edp volunteering 2020

EDP's volunteers

Stories with Energy

Our employees talk about what it means to be a volunteer.

Currently on the ground

from May 24th to 30th

Energy Week

We believe that sharing what we know and do is the best way to ensure that our energy turns into action.

To celebrate the Energy Week and EDP's 10 years of volunteering, we highlight a set of initiatives that take place from May 24th to 30th.

We dare to share our energy!

olho de um colaborador edp sobre um fundo verde

Volunteering in times of COVID-19

I dare know more than ever

We know that in times of emergency such as COVID-19 we must act NOW.

Under our Volunteering Program, there are already 22 campaigns, which are available to all EDP Group employees in Portugal, Spain, and Brazil. We have a team of about 300 volunteers, 95 beneficiary NGOs, and we have helped more than 6500 people.



Quality in Volunteering

EDP Volunteering Program was awarded with the Seal of Quality in Volunteering Join4Change, at the Excellence level, the highest one, by Confederação Portuguesa de Voluntariado (Portuguese Volunteering Confederation), in partnership with Instituto de Solidariedade e Cooperação Universitária (Institute of Solidarity and Cooperation between Universities) and the support of Associação Portuguesa de Qualidade (Portuguese Quality Association).

This seal results from a system of identification, analysis and evaluation of the quality of management practices of volunteer programs, to which voluntary organizations can apply.

External recognition is a stimulus to continue working on Corporate Volunteering, with a focus on the challenges of our communities, and in alignment with the EDP Group's Social Investment and People Management Strategy.