Social responsability

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Social Responsability

We care about people and the environment!

This is our commitment!

We develop solutions that help break cycles of social exclusion and contribute to a more effective and efficient society in building its own sustainability.

We promote and implement measures to decarbonize production and consumption, promote human rights and social inclusion and promote social responsibility and encourage our employees to dare to change the world.

We love Energy!

EDP Foundations


EDP Foundations

Fundação EDP is a private non-profit institution, classified as a 'general interest organization', and established in December 2004. Created by a cosmopolitan and socially responsible company, its mission is to help improve citizen's quality of life through social, cultural and scientific initiatives.


Fundación EDP

Created in 1997 as Fundación Hidrocantábrico, the institution became Fundación EDP in 2013. Its mission is to strengthen the EDP Group's commitment to environmental, social, cultural and educational sustainability in Spain.


EDP Institute

Created in late 2007, Instituto EDP's mission is to implement the EDP Group's commitment to human and social development through access to citizenship, culture, sports and education in Brazil, encouraging citizens to rethink consumer attitudes and social engagement practices.




We dare to be volunteers!

Contributing to a fairer and more effective society in building its own sustainability: The EDP Group undertakes this commitment and involves its employees in this mission through its Volunteering Program.

We believe volunteering develops our people and their talents and skills, multiplies the purpose and meaning of what we do and actively contributes to the development and transformation of the communities where we operate.

Since its inception in 2011, the Program has had over 32,800 participants, totaling over 256,000 volunteer hours, and has partnered with over 2,500 organizations, impacting the lives of over 1 million people.

Get to know the EDP Group's VOLUNTEER PROGRAM.

Energy access

Approximately 1.3 billion people do not yet have access to electricity and about 2.6 billion people still resort to traditional methods for biomass-based cuisine. Energy and development are inseparable factors.

Of all forms of exclusion, electricity is one of the most significant.

Because we are an electrical utility of reference and our vocation of openness to the world and sustainability, we are committed to promoting access to energy (A2E  acronym for Access to Energy) in developing countries, concentrating on remote and rural regions and areas without connection to electric network, contributing to break their cycle of poverty.

social responsability

Energy Access Fund

The Energy Access Fund is a program through which we support sustainable and clean energy projects in remote rural areas. Learn more and apply for your project.


Educational Projects