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Lights, energy action!

We believe that sharing what we know and do is the best way to ensure that our energy turns into action. To celebrate Energy Day, on May 29th, each year we prepare a set of initiatives centered around what connects us to the world and to the communities we live in: energy itself!

Back to school!

EDP employees return to classrooms to talk about energy. The challenge is to get the younger generation to think about how we use energy by talking about energy efficiency, energy sources, household energy security and climate change.

Rehabilitate houses and rebuild lives

In 2018, we gave our all to make Dona Amelia's House more comfortable. In 2019, we rejoin Just a Change to rehabilitate not a house, but a Social Solidarity Institution, the Centro Social e Paroquial de Alcântara (social and parochial center of Alcântara, in Lisbon).

Volunteer electricians

In addition to helping with the rehabilitation of the Social and Parochial Center of Alcântara, EDP's volunteer electricians steps in for technical interventions in social organizations that wish to be more sustainable. The most efficient use of energy resources and energy savings are topics on the agenda and this initiative already has more than 20 teams of volunteers who are doing interventions in various Social Solidarity Institutions throughout the country.


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EDP Volunteering Program

We believe that volunteering develops our people and their talents, multiplies the purpose and meaning of what we do and actively contributes to the development and transformation of the communities that we are a part of. Learn more about this Program.

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Energy Week 2018

From the 22nd to the 29th of May, we shared our energy with the world. Learn how we helped build a stream of good energy.