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Energy Day

We believe that sharing what we know and do is the best way to ensure that our energy turns into action. Specially in times of emergency it is essencial to find extra energy, and act now, in order to help the ones in need. To celebrate this Energy Day we highlight a set of initiatives centered around what connects us to the world, and to the people.

This is how we dare to share our energy.


EDP Volunteering

Four stories made from the energy of solidarity.

From small gestures, great stories are written. These are four very special ones. Made of solidarity. 


Study with Energy

In the Iberian project Study with Energy, jointly promoted by Fundación EDP (EDP Spain) and the EDP Volunteering Program, EDP volunteers are willing to help students, identified by the Ministry of Education in Portugal and Asturias, taking on the role of mentors and supporting school tasks. At the same time, through partnerships, it offers access to home tutorials with Teachers4Covid volunteer teachers, and Student Keep brings computers to schools: more than 500 computers in Portugal and Spain.

Energy Classes

EDP employees take energy to schools, through classes on its basic concepts. As a form of support for these volunteers, the classes have as their starting point an Energy Kit, adapted for virtual classes. A good tool for parents to teach their children about the importance of responsible consumption of energy, and how to take care of our planet - educating the new generation with the help of everyone!

Voluntary electricians

This volunteer project consists of supporting the third sector, promoting the improvement of the living conditions of people and communities in exclusion or energy savings, through the service of qualified electricians to improve access to electricity. This project has two areas of intervention: Pool of Electricians and Pool of Energy Efficiency Verifiers.

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EDP Volunteering in times of COVID-19

We know that in an emergency situation such as COVID-19, it is essential to act NOW.

Under our Volunteering Program, there are already 22 initiatives combined between Portugal, Spain and Brazil, which are available to all EDP Group employees. We have a team of around 300 volunteers, 95 beneficiary NGOs, and we have helped more than 6500 people.


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EDP Volunteering Program

We believe volunteering develops our people and their talents and skills, multiplies the purpose and meaning of what we do and actively contributes to the development and transformation of the communities where we operate. We dare to change the world!

Voluntariado EDP em 2019