innovation at EDP

Developed by EDP Brazil, ClimaGrid is a meteorological system specialized in preventing interference in networks. Through its technology, you can assess the climate´s impacts on the electrical grid with the use of the weather forecast and the history of meteorological variables.

ClimaGrid's goal is ambitious and groundbreaking: to include climate information, especially data on wind, rain, vegetation, lightning and temperature in the smart grid. To identify climate impact in the energy sector is no longer a problem of the future.


Objectives of ClimaGrid

  • To evaluate the degree of exposure of transformers to electrical charges in order to do preventive maintenance regarding this issue;

  • To automatically diagnose the severity of weather conditions;

  • To predict the occurrence of discharges in the concession area, by municipality, with a few hours head start.


In 2014, 14 weather stations that use a new data collection technology and fuel a climate computer model were acquired.
The weather stations implemented in the concession areas of the EDP Distribution Units in Brazil are able to increase the size of the climate forecasts from 24 to 72 hours. The monitoring of meteorological information will be continuous and in real time.

With ClimaGrid, EDP Brazil climbed 11 positions in the ranking of the National Agency for Electrical Energy Efficiency (ANEEL).