Customer Solutions

The customer is at the center of the decisions!

The energy sector is undergoing rapid transformation at all levels. The customer came to be at the center of the industry's decisions, so that continuing and accelerating this transformation will lead to major changes in the way we deal with our customers, and how they deal with energy themselves.

Anticipating these transformations, and testing them in advance, is crucial to responding to and keeping up with the changes customers are looking for, so maintaining an increasingly active innovation role in this area is essential.

Our projects are mainly directed at private and corporate clients of EDP Comercial (Portugal and Spain) and EDP Smart (Brazil).

Innovation in Customer Solutions translates into the following objectives:

  • Focus on quality of service to retain high value customers;
  • Digitalization to transform customer experience and reduce costs;
  • Promote new cross-selling solutions (for example services, solar energy, e-mobility).

We prepare the future!

The future is prepared today, and to that end, we approach and invest in technologies and projects with great potential in the future, promoting our growth.


Some of our Customer Solutions projects:

Our investments in startups

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NET2GRID is one of the leading companies' world wide of real time energy data analysis. It produces products for residential customers that are sold inpartnership with Energy suppliers. NET2GRID’s energy insight platform, is reducing cost to serve for Energy suppliers, while increasing customer engagement.


Fuelsave is a Portuguese company that develops a telemetry solution for the road freight transport industry. This solution will make it possible to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% by providing suggestions for optimizing driving continuously.


Drivit's goal is to provide tools that can help drivers cope with everyday burdens, reducing the impact the car has on our environment and the public space at large.