Key data

Duration: 42 months

Overall budget: 7M €

Partners: 27



Prompted by the previous rational and background drivers, supported by the opportunities, and following the European strategies, DATA CELLAR will develop a dynamic, interoperable energy-oriented data platform to support the uptake of the Energy Communities leveraging a blockchain-based tokenization scheme for the remuneration in data and pre-trained AI models provisioning/acquisition cycle. DATA CELLAR will support:

  • The need for common dataspaces, focusing on user-friendliness and easy-to-access for non-ICT experts thanks to the availability of a data marketplace;
  • Cities decarbonization through the creation of energy communities and new user-centric designed and data-driven energy services;
  • The advantage of decentralized solution to reward and align the incentives of the stakeholders for any possible services provided to support the evolution of a federated and interoperable energy data space.

The marketplace where different entities will be able to trade (buy, rent and sell) data and pretrained AI models, leveraging algorithms and software libraries for processing the collected data and simplify operations of data analytics and business intelligence thus aligning the incentives of the stakeholders through an on-chain tokenization scheme.

One key component of this layer will be the creation of a Decision Support System (DSS) for Smart Management of energy assets comprising the communities’ ecosystem, will leverage on data-driven digital twins using their virtual replica generated by the Digital Twinning mechanism of DATA CELLAR.

To validate the use of DATA CELLAR and its effectiveness to support development and management of Local Energy Communities (LECs), DATA CELLAR products and services will be applied in 9 Validation Cases (VCs) around EU.


  • Project coordination by RINA CONSULTING SPA (RINA-C);
  • Consortium formed by 31 partners from all the European Union.
  • The developed solutions will be demonstrated in 9 VCs, located in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Greece, Bulgaria and Ireland.


The DATA CELLAR data space will be validated in 9 Validation Cases which represents different Energy Communities (ECs) at different level of maturity both in terms of status of the energy community (entry-level, early-stage level, pre-implantation level, on-going) and availability of data (poor, good, high). The Validation Cases represents a wide range of possible energy communities that could be found around Europe (rural, urban, solar, PV, industrial, EV) and are managed/promoted by different stakeholders (DSO, cooperatives, energy agency and public entities).

Thanks to the already identified VCs, DATA CELLAR will be populated during the initial phase of the validation campaign with the following data (non-exhaustive list) coming from the above-mentioned VCs:

  1. Weather data in different EU locations;
  2. Smart meter energy data
  3. Thermal/Cooling consumption of profiled end-users;
  4. Electricity consumption of profiled end-users;
  5. Grids need for Flexibility data;
  6. Specific Load controls;
  7. Typical Wind turbine/PV power production in different EU locations;
  8. Power production rate of different assets (i.e., PV, hydro, biomass, CHP, heat pumps…) in different EU locations;
  9. Building consumptions based on building type;
  10. Energy costs (Electricity, natural gas etc.).

Upon that, the VCs responsible partners, already identified the innovation potential of DATA CELLAR and how they can leverage DATA CELLAR for the spread of energy community in their network.


EDP NEW, as a research centre specialized in energy technologies will provide its expertise on ECs to ensure a rational selection and management of the data collected to populate DATA CELLAR. Also, EDP NEW will support the development of the projects’ solutions in the Portuguese pilots.

  • In WP1 EDP NEW will contribute by researching other data spaces (focused on energy, but also others) and by conducting a survey to assess the users’ wishes and needs regarding ECs and the functionalities of DATA CELLAR.
  • In WP2 EDP NEW will assist the remaining partners into the identification and definition of needed data for ECs’ management.
  • In WP3 EDP NEW will support the partners with the information of data spaces gathered during WP1 activities and verify the effectiveness of DATA CELLAR on support the ECs’ assembling and management.
  • In WP5 EDP NEW will support the development of the flexibility and ECs’ control algorithms and AI solutions to be implemented on an user point of view, by supporting the Portuguese pilot.
  • In WP6 EDP NEW will verify the effectiveness of the mechanisms to evaluate the quality of data provided by the ECs to populate DATA CELLAR.
  • In WP7 EDP NEW will support case scenarios’ to be designed for the evaluation of DATA CELLAR solutions, and the business models for the DATA CELLAR deployment. Also, a review the users’ survey will be conducted, to assess the lessons learned and perceptions of ECs’ managers.
  • In WP8 EDP NEW will support the dissemination and communication activities.
  • In WP9 EDP NEW will support the project management and coordination activities.