new r&d

Overall Budget: 26,8 M€
Duration: 48 months 



Demogravi3 wants demonstrate an innovative hybrid concrete-steel, self-buoyant bottom standing gravity based foundation (GBF) for offshore wind farms positioned in water depths between 35 and 60m. The complete unit (turbine and foundation) will be built and assembled onshore and towed while floating to the deployment site, where it will be submerged by an innovative patented process on a controlled way without the need for external support or heavy lift vessels.


  • Led by EDP Renewables Europe SL
  • NEW R&D will lead the demonstration works


NEW R&D’s scope

  • Lead Project Management and Large-scale Deployment Strategy and Business Case
  • Lead demonstration and performance analysis, namely turbine monitoring and performance analysis and on foundation – turbine integrated performance analysis and system validation
  • Contribute in all design and engineering work and also fabrication / assembly / installation, assuring coordination with demonstration
  • Contribute in the prospective work in what regards industrialization and competitiveness