Digital Innovation

Exploring the power of data!

It is increasingly important for us to foster innovation by exploring the latent potential of data. That's why we approach the new data paradigm through Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques, leveraging cloud tools and new digital technologies.

Digital Innovation is an area present across our entire value chain:

  • Energy trading: Applying computer vision techniques to automate business processes involving photography, such as in customer's home electrification services;
  • Energy distribution: developing algorithms and systems to identify and monitor vegetation growing alongside overhead power lines, as well as assisting in the development of power consumption forecasting projects on a hundred thousand network assets;
  • Energy production: promoting predictive maintenance techniques and solutions that can be incorporated into your portfolio of decision support systems;
  • In several units and projects using IoT, Machine Learning and Cloud to develop projects that promote energy efficiency and new value services for the energy customer.

Some of our projects in Digital Innovation:

We prepare the future!

We must prepare for the future now, and that is why we invest in technologies and projects with great potential for the future, testing them in the context of the energy industry to promote our growth.

To this end, in Digital Innovation we focus on 5 areas: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, Computing and Computational Power, Cybersecurity Innovation and Emerging Digital Technologies.

To this end, we focus on five areas:
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Emerging Digital Technologies

Digital technologies keep evolving, and our mission is to test them and apply them to the energy industry in order to create value for the EDP group.

Blockchain, Robotic Process Automation, Chatbots, High Performance and Quantum Computing are some of the solutions EDP has been following.

Cybersecurity Innovation

The importance of cybersecurity grows in proportion to the digitization of our world. Therefore, we study and follow new trends in cybersecurity best practices and platforms.

Cloud Computing and Computing Power

On-demand availability of cloud computing resources and platforms has changed the way we use and manage digital services. New trends and paradigms in computing make it possible to optimize costs and create operationally resilient solutions that are easier to maintain and/or diagnose.

The growing availability of computing power (through cloud computing and supercomputing centers) has enabled the complexification of computationally intensive challenges such as artificial intelligence.

Big Data

Whether by using products and services or due to regulatory and legal reasons, we are currently generating, as individuals and companies, large amounts of data.

These huge amounts of data require data architectures and information systems capable of handling its storage and processing. We thus seek to analyze any domain not with a data sample, but with all the available data volume.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is said to be one of the technologies that will trigger the fourth industrial revolution. In fact, world superpowers and major companies are racing for AI to secure a competitive advantage.

Similarly, EDP is applying Artificial Intelligence to the products and services offered by the Group's various companies. Our vision is to become an AI-first company in which products, services and operations are leveraged through artificial intelligence.


Our investments in Startups

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Portuguese startup that provides Identity Authentication security solutions, throughout the deployment of world leading user recognition and access management systems, able to secure billions of user’s accounts.


Through its cloud platform, DefinedCrowd enables data scientists to collect, enrich and structure high quality training data for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning applications, crowdsourcing data production and classification around the world. DC is based in Seattle with a Portuguese CEO (Daniela Braga), being supported by several international investors such as Evolution Partners, Amazon and Sony.


Considered one of the most successful Portuguese startups, Feedzai protects the world’s largest banks, merchants and processors with the most advanced machine learning technology. Its offices are located in Atlanta, Coimbra, Hong Kong, London, Lisbon, New York, Porto and San Mateo, with more than 300 employees. Up to now, Feedzai has raised 60M€+ from international investors such as FTPartners, Oak HC/FT, Sapphire Ventures and Citi Ventures.


A revolutionary new approach to bring affordable solar electricity to everyone in Bangladesh and beyond through a peer-to-peer solar energy trading platforms based on distributed ledger technology. Solshare was announced as part of the 2018 Cohort of Global Technical Pioneers of 2018 by the World  Economic Forum.