NEW R&D projects

Overall Budget
4 M€ 
3 environments in 2 countries 


The objective of this project is to design and validate the full framework for the development of local energy markets: architecture design, stakeholders roles, technological framework, regulatory needs, roadmap to market. So, the main activities will be:

  • Design and develop a transparent local market concept
  • Develop and demonstrate ICT components that will enable a local market concept
  • Develop and demonstrate balancing and demand response services utilizing local markets
  • Design and validate local market enabled business models
  • Analyze and develop solutions for secure data handling related to local market enabled transactions


  • Led by Empower
  • NEW R&D leads the demonstration work package

NEW R&D’s scope:

  • Coordination of the validation activities
  • Definition of the specifications for the validation environment
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of the new business models
  • New Demand Response services for the retailer
  • Integration of the local market with the wholesale, retail and ancillary energy markets