NEW R&D projects

sys flex

Overall Budget: 25 M€ 
Partners: 34 
6 Demonstrations: Portugal, Germany, Italy, Finland, Estonia, France 
Duration: 48 Months


  • Characterize the needs of a power system with a high share of variable RES (>50%), including which services to be provided and mix of resources;
  • Coordination of centralized and distributed flexibility resources (Storage / Other flexibility resources / System integration)
  • TSO & DSO tools for operational control and enhanced transmission/distribution interfaces
  • Market design options for an efficient integration of flexibility resources in well-functioning wholesale markets
  • Develop a “flexibility roadmap” including a study of replicability of solutions


  • Consortium of 34 partners, including TSO, DSO, R&D, Technology Providers & Academia;
  • Project Coordination: EirGrid (IE), Technical Supervisor: EDF (FR)
  • Key Partners: EDP (PT), EDF (FR), EirGrid (IE), Imperial College (UK), ENERCON (DE) , Siemens (DE), INESC TEC (PT);
  • EDP participates with 5 business units: NEW R&D, EDP Distribuição, EDP Produção, EDP Renováveis & EDP SA – UNGE
  • 6 complementary demonstrators: Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Estonia and Finland;
  • Advisory Board includes DSO, TSO and industry associations (e.g. ENTSO-E, EDSO, Eurelectric).


Portugal – (1) Virtual Power Plant: Flexibility provided by combined large-scale generation, large-scale storage and RES power plants and (2) Flexibility Hub: Flexibility provided by DSO-level assets

Germany/Italy/Finland – Demonstration of flexibility services provision from decentralised Flexibility Resources (in the High /Medium/Low Voltage levels)

Estonia – Demonstration of cross-border and cross-sector data management

France – Demonstration of multi-services provision by a coordinated and optimal use of distributed multi-resources

NEW R&D’s Scope:

NEW R&D participates in the implementation of the Portuguese demo, coordinating Work Package 7.