Targeting a RES share of 15% in the Seychelles energy mix by 2030, an Electricity Master Plan was developed. Its main goal was to ensure that a high penetration of non-dispatchable and intermittent sources would not lead to an intensification of grid technical problems (technical losses, RES curtailment, and blackouts in worst case scenarios.

Client: Ministry of Energy of Seychelles (EC & Indian Ocean Commission tender)

Context: The expected demand growth together with the  energy policy targets for 2030 (15% of RES in the energy mix) require significant investments on the electricity infrastructure 

Project objectives: An electricity masterplan capable to prove that the foreseen grid investments make part of coherent transition plan that considered costs as well as the inherent risks 

What EDP NEW did:

  • Detailed analysis of the electricity sector current status at political, regulatory, technical, social and economic levels
  • 10-year demand forecast for different customer categories
  • 10-year transmission and distribution network expansion plans in order to meet RES policy goals and demand growth
  • Creation of a methodology to deploy the master plan, including capacity building activities
Impact on decarbonization

Contribute to the Seychelles decarbonize path through a holistic and predictive analysis of the current/future needs of this isolated electrical system.