Innovation at edp

EDP Inovação, together with EDP Labelec and external partners, has created a battery from used car modules. 

Currently, the system consists of 7 serially connected modules, resulting in a small battery. 

The performance and decay of the whole set, comprised of modules, battery management system and inverter, is being compared with a standard battery.

The project provides the EDP Group with significant knowledge on the limitations of this technology, allowing for a better vision of and positioning in the energy storage area.

In the future, these batteries may have the same applications as current new batteries.

Moreover, this technology makes it possible to produce batteries at a lower cost while also reducing waste, as it increases the life cycle of batteries and prevents recycling after first use. 

We at EDP are always looking for new solutions which can ensure sustainability while also safeguarding the future of the energy industry. 

Learn more about the 2Life project in the following video:

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