NEW R&D projects

Duration: 60 months 
Overall Budget: 28,2 M€ 


  • To achieve a relevant scale in the European smart cities market by proving that properly designed smart city solutions, based around common needs, can be integrated in complex urban environments.
  • Adopt a digital first approach which proves the extent to which ICT integrationcan improve and connect up existing infrastructure, as well as the design and running of new city infrastructure.
  • Accelerate the market to understand, develop and trial business, investment and governance models, essential for the true aggregation and replication (through collaboration) of smart city solutions in cities of different sizes and maturities.
  • Share and collaborate for society: to respond to an increasing demand for participation; to enhance mechanisms for citizens’ engagement; to improve local governments capacity for policy making and service delivery through collaboration and co-design.
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  • Led by Greater London Authority
  • 34 partners from eight countries: UK, Denmark, Portugal, Italy, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Belgium

Three Core Cities

These cities will strongly collaborate, seeking to develop common designs and implement solutions across all areas.

  • Royal Borough of Greenwich in London, UK
  • Downtown Area of Lisbon, Portugal
  • Porta Romana/ Vettabiia in Milan, Italy

Three Follower Cities

These Cities will co-develop and be actively involved with the core cities and they will validate designs, test tools and consider implementing a number of the specific measures.

  • Bordeaux, France
  • Burgas, Bulgaria
  • Warsaw, Poland

NEW R&D’s scope

  • Contributions to the core infrastructure implementation – namely those relating to the electricity grid and its applications (bicycles and Electric Vehicle charging, supply and demand – including generation, energy efficiency and public lighting, storage)
  • Support to the specification, testing and validation of core infrastructures
  • Data collection and control
  • Citizen engagement and participation