innovation at EDP

A platform for reporting anomalies in the power grid. 

Getting power back up faster is one of the goals of this project, designed to render the grid more 'smart' and functional.

The resolution of anomalies in the distribution network depends greatly upon the interaction between customers and call centers, so with the Sinapse project we intend to develop new ways of integrating external information.

Sinapse is a partnership project between EDP Distribuição and external partners, namely telecommunications operators, to automatically exchange information regarding the status of the low voltage network.

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What are the benefits to EDP?

  • Minimization of power outage times
  • Creation of an external information framework on supply interruptions to minimize fraud and expedite the resolution of complaints, thus improving the quality of service provided to customers. 
  • Call center optimization by integrating information automatically provided by partners and customers
  • Workforce management optimization by accurately identifying network elements affected by anomalies based on geo-referenced information.

What are the benefits to partners?

  • Downtime minimization for your electricity dependent services
  • Freeing of resources by automating processes currently dependent upon human intervention
  • Optimization of call centers by integrating information from power outage resolution status confirmed by EDP, improving the quality of the service provided to clients. 
  • More efficient workforce management through increased visibility into root causes of system anomalies.

How does the Sinapse project work?

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Graphical interface

The graphical interface is based on the Google Maps platform, allowing progressive detail visualization:

Sinapse Partners

Sinapse data streams are stabilized with three partners and the event correlation engine is implemented in:

  • NOS
  • Vodafone
  • MEO