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An algorithm designed to enhance EDP's Electric House service

How can Artificial Intelligence contribute to the EDP Electric House solution?

The Space Perception Algorithm (SPA) project arises from the joint efforts of the teams of EDP Inovação and EDP Comercial - Energy Efficiency Solutions, to simplify the process of prior inspection of the technical feasibility of the electrical installation of the customers' homes.

Still in the pilot phase, the SPA project will allow, through the use of opensource Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools, to analyze a photo taken by the client himself to his electrical panel and remotely understand if there are conditions for the installation of new electrical equipment.

This algorithm is being trained with hundreds of training pictures of residential switchboards, learning to highlight in the picture what is considered as available space for the installation of new circuit breakers. The output of the algorithm is clearly displayed on the customer's photo accompanied by a degree of confidence (1 to 100%) in the prediction made.



How does it works?

Once a photo of an electrical switchboard has been uploaded to the simulation platform, both the customer and the EDP operator obtain real-time information on whether it is necessary to visit the customer's house or all the conditions to benefit from the EDP Electric House service have been met:

  • The customer will then be informed if everything is in order for subscribing to the new service, without explicit mention to the Space Perception Algorithm;
  • The EDP operator will receive not only the results of the SPA analysis directly on the customer's photo but also an automatic recommendation on whether 1) on-site inspection is required; 2) doubts remain and human validation is necessary; or 3) everything is ready to proceed with the subscription process.

What are the advantages of using the Space Perception Algorithm?

SPA generates advantages for all those involved in the process of purchasing the electricity service:

  • Greater Convenience: Customers do not need to allocate time for a prior inspection by EDP technicians;
  • Simplified Subscription Process: The number of technical visits by EDP employees to customers' homes is significantly reduced;
  • Lower Costs: By allowing a completely remote inspection process, the Space Perception Algorithm makes it possible to reduce the costs of subscribing to the service.