The SIMPL - Storage Intelligent Management Platform is a project developed by an interdisciplinary team from EDP Inovação with the support of EDP Comercial that aims to develop a platform for the control and management of residential storage solutions.

The objective will be to allow batteries to access advanced functions beyond the integration of decentralized solar energy. To do this, it will be necessary to directly access and manage the local infrastructure.

The basic architecture of the system that has been installed and is being managed is as follows:

In addition to controlling and managing the storage system, one of its main goals is the development of the data acquisition architecture. The system was designed to be versatile, easy to implement and to allow scaling to other devices that have the ability to generate and collect data (e.g. photovoltaic generation).

The solution developed by EDP uses an edge for direct control of the inverter. All related calculations and data storage are performed in the cloud making the solution easy to scale and enabling integration with other energy management platforms (e.g. HEMS - Home Energy Management System).

The implemented use cases:

  • Data collection: one of the main goals of this project is the collection of data, from both storage systems and solar generation.
  • Self-consumption: optimization of self-consumption control already existing in the equipment.
  • Arbitrage: when using forecast models, it is possible to predict the amount of energy that will be stored in the storage system during the next day. This will allow energy bought during off-peak hours (when the energy is cheaper) not to be wasted due to overbuy.

Other potential uses are being studied, for battery optimization and profitability.