Innovate to lead

Only by innovating can we achieve our goals and make a difference in an increasingly competitive industry. Our innovation strategy is guided by the strategic mainstays that guide our activities.

Strategic Mainstays

I. Oriented Growth

Our sustained growth strategy depends on creating renewable energy solutions to meet the challenges of the future. We strongly invest in wind power - for which we are one of the main players worldwide - but also in solar energy and hydroelectric power.

II. Superior Efficiency

In the current economic environment, EDP has adopted a judicious investment policy, favoring high returns and controlled risk. This culture of efficiency spans across the entire Group, in different areas: production processes, responsible consumption, or minimizing the impact of our activities on local communities.

III. Controlled Risk

Reducing EDP’s exposure to environmental and energy market risks is crucial to ensure the future of the Group. In the short run, this means further reducing CO₂ emissions by investing in clean energy and in the electricity grids of the future.