NEW R&D projects

Overall budget: 15,7 M€ 
Partners: 19
Duration: 36 months (concluded) 



  • Develop and test in smart grid distribution networks innovative solutions for advanced operation and exploitation of Low Voltage/Medium Voltage networks strengthening the capacity of distribution networks as an enabler for Distributed Generation and Active Demand and covering the needs and expectations of the actors in the electricity market.



  • Led by Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica S.A.U.;
  • EDP Distribuição leads Lisbon demonstration work package.


Four Demonstrators

  • Lisbon, Portugal – Demand Side Management: system monitoring and control, leveraging the participation of several stakeholders in distribution grid operation;
  • Basque Country, Spain – Advance Low Voltage dispatching and customer empowering in Energy Efficiency and Saving;
  • Sweden – Control of the Low Voltage / Medium Voltage network considering future demands of customers and develop system functionalities to support intelligent equipment in the Medium; Voltage and Low Voltage network to enable Power Quality and Energy efficiency improvements
  • Poland – Implementation of smart grid system into pilot Low Voltage grid to build knowledge on system management ability, controllability and economic effectiveness.


NEW R&D’s scope

  • NEW R&D will support EDP Distribuição in the demonstration activity namely with its transversal knowledge in power systems towards the specification of use cases and the development of novel grid applications in demand response. NEW R&D will also participate in the evaluation and synthesis of results, and definition of adequate business and market framework.