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About EDP

EDP - Energias de Portugal, SA is the largest electricity producer, distributor and supplier in Portugal.

We are a leading company in the utilities sector, and we have joined Euronext Lisbon in 1997. Our energy reaches the four corners of the world, with a significant presence in the global energy landscape. EDP is part of the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index.

We are a never-ending energy:

- We operate in 14 countries and 4 continents
- We are the third largest electricity production company 
- We provide electricity to almost 10 million customers 
- We have close to 12.000 workers worldwide
- Almost 70% of our energy is produced from renewable resources

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In which countries does EDP operate?
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At the operational level, EDP is present in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, UK, Belgium, Poland, Romania, Canada, Brazil and the United States, Mexico and China.

What are EDP's main strategic goals?
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Information on EDP's strategy, please visit EDP Strategy.

Where can I get information about EDP's pledges?
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The EDP Group's guiding values can be found on our website: "Our pledges".

What are EDP's main operating and financial data?
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The main operating and financial data of the EDP Group can be found at Key Data.

How often does EDP report its consolidated results?
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EDP reports its results on a quarterly basis. To access operating and financial information published on a quarterly basis, please see Results.

What is EDP's investment plan?
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EDP's investment plan can be found at Capital Markets Day

What are EDP's plans regarding Renewable Energy?
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EDP is strongly committed to contributing to stimulate the use of clean energies. Investing in renewable energy is therefore one of the group's strategic priorities.  For more information, please refer to EDP's Strategic Guidelines and Renewable Energies.