corporate governance

For a common goal

More than a way of acting, to make a habit of Excellence

"The importance of the quality of corporate governance practices is increasing. These practices are a fundamental pillar of the sustainable success of any company. EDP is proud to play a pioneering role in this field, promoting trust and transparency in the relationship of the company with its shareholders and other stakeholders.

In the context of the two-tier governance model adopted by EDP’ shareholders in 2006, the General and Supervisory Board has specific role in this area and, directly or through the Corporate Governance and Sustainability Committee, has been actively involved in the process of improving the governance practices of EDP, while maintaining a fruitful dynamic dialogue with the Executive Board of Directors, shareholders and other stakeholders.

As in other areas of activity, EDP is committed with excellence and demanding standards, fundamental values in our corporate culture ".

Eduardo de Almeida Catroga

Chairman of the General and Supervisory Board