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Value for you, in the first place

EDP's primary goal is to create value for its shareholders. We've been doing it since 1997, through the appreciation of EDP shares in the stock market and the distribution of dividends.

Our Dividends Policy

The payment and the amount of dividends to be distributed are subject to a proposal from the Executive Board and subsequent approval by the Shareholders' General Meeting.

On EDP Capital Markets Day, held on May 5, 2016 with foreign and Portuguese investors and analysts, the Executive Board decided to present the General Meeting with a proposal consisting of an annual "payout" between 65% and 75% of the recurring net income, having the minimum dividend per share paid in 2017 (€0.19/share).

Frequent Questions

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What is EDP's dividend policy?
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In EDP Capital Markets Day that took place on May 5, 2016, with national and international investors and financial analysts, the Executive Board of Directors said that will propose in the Annual General Meeting a payout between 65%-75% of recurrent net income with dividend per share from 2017 (0.19 euros) as a floor.


When does EDP pay dividends?
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According to the existing legislation, the payment of the annual dividends can not take place 30 days after the shareholder's meeting that approves it.

Looking for information on the last dividend payment dates, please visit the table above. 

Until when are my shares entitled to dividend?
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Only the shares held until the third week day prior to the payment date (ex-dividend date) are entitled for dividend. For example, in 2005, the dividend was available for shareholder on April, 29th. Therefore, after the April, 26th inclusive (ex-dividend date) the shares were trading with no right for that dividend.
Which is the taxation on dividends?
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Dividends made available to Corporate Shareholders are liable to withholding tax at a 25% rate*.

Dividends made available to Individual Shareholders are liable to withholding tax at a 28% rate*, without prejudice to the option to include distributed dividends in its taxable income for resident individuals.

Exemptions or reduction of the withholding tax under a Double tax Treaty may apply, provided the requirements are met. For the purposes of exemption from withholding tax or reduction of the abovementioned withholding tax rate, the shareholders must confirm the characterization of their tax situation with the financial intermediary in which the respective actions are deposited.

*The dividends made available are subject to a definitive withholding tax at the rate of 35% (as applicable): (i) in accounts opened in the name of one or more holders but for the account of unidentified third parties, except when the beneficial owner is identified, terms in which the general rules apply; or (ii) non-resident entities without a permanent establishment in Portuguese territory, domiciled in a country, territory or region subject to a clearly more favorable tax regime, listed in an order approved by the Portuguese Ministry of Finance.