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Value for you, in the first place

EDP's primary goal is to create value for its shareholders. We've been doing it since 1997, through the appreciation of EDP shares in the stock market and the distribution of dividends.

Our Dividends Policy

The payment and the amount of dividends to be distributed are subject to a proposal from the Executive Board and subsequent approval by the Shareholders' General Meeting.

Following our Strategic Update, held on March 12nd, 2019 with national and international investors and analysts, the Executive Board announced that decided to annually present to Shareholders' General Meeting a proposal of a minimum dividend of €0.19/share, which is targeted to follow sustainable earnings per share growth.

Frequent Questions

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When does EDP pay dividends?
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According to the existing legislation, the payment of the annual dividends must take place within 30 days from the shareholder's meeting that approves it.
Until when are my shares entitled to dividend?
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Only the shares held until the third trading day, prior to the payment date, are entitled for dividend. Further details on the dividend payment are announced within 15 days after the Annual Shareholder Meeting.

The ex-dividend date corresponds to the first trading day, when shares are detached from dividend rights.

Which is the taxation on dividends?
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Please consult the Tax FAQ listed as Which taxes do I pay on dividends?