EDP Group


How we finance our strategy

We manage our financial debt with a view to a steady improvement in free cash flow and credit ratios.

Commercial Paper and Short-Term Credit Facilities

In terms of short term funding, EDP S.A. favors the use of its EUR 1,000 million programme of Euro Commercial Paper, which allows access to a diversified investor base at a very competitive cost and the necessary flexibility for a more efficient treasury management.

EDP S.A. has also domestic commercial paper programmes of EUR 300 million with guaranteed placement and USD 250 million with guaranteed placement, as well as short term credit facilities in the amount of EUR 200 million, indexed to Euribor for the agreed period of use, with spread conditions agreed in advance and with a firm underwriting commitment.

With respect to medium and long term credit facilities, also used for EDP Group’s treasury and liquidity management, the company has: (i) a Revolving Credit Facility (RCF) of EUR 3,150 million (for needs in USD and EUR) with a firm underwriting commitment and with maturity in 2019; (ii) a EUR 500 million RCF (for needs in EUR), with a firm underwriting commitment and with maturity in 2020; and (iii) a medium term RCF of EUR 75 million (for needs in EUR), also with a firm underwriting commitment and maturing in 2019.