WATT: #2 Electric Mobility

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WATT: #2 Electric Mobility

Watch the first episode of the series WATT: a Youtube series that will simplify the world of energy

Welcome to WATT, a series of episodes that will take us on a journey along the universe in expansion of EDP to prove without a doubt that the topic of "energy" does not have to be boring or complicated. Watch it with your own eyes!

#2 Electric Mobility

Living in the 21st century and not having an electric car is the same as having lived in the 90's without a walkman. It's not cool. We are not just talking about style but also about being able to keep up with trends and taking advantage of what technology has to offer us.


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a series of this world that shows you that knowing more about energy can be as easy as drink a glass water. OK, we are exaggerating: like preparing a gin.