A Provedora de Ética da EDP: Maria Manuela Silva

Maria Manuela Casimiro da Silva Conceição Pereira was born in 1955 in Lisbon. She has a degree in Economics from Instituto Superior de Economia (Universidade Técnica de Lisboa) and pursued further academic training in Management Schools such as AESE Business School and INSEAD.

She was appointed EDP Group's Ethics Ombudswoman by the General and Supervisory Board in January 2019.

She has extensive business management experience in areas as diverse as tourism and hospitality, the cork processing industry, and the energy sector; in the latter case, she was actively engaged in promoting the use of natural gas in Portugal. She joined EDP Group in 2001, where she headed teams in areas such as information technology, the consolidation of the 'shared services' logic, and the liberalization of the energy industry. She was a member of the management boards of Edinfor, EDP Valor, and EDP Soluções Comerciais. She held the position of director at the EDP University Trading School and was a member of the EDP Group Ethics Committee for several years, representing the commercial area.

Her interest in humanitarian causes translated into an early involvement in volunteering, mentoring and capacity-building projects at the service of various demographic groups, and in recent years she has been serving as a member of the advisory board of the Professional Women Network (PWN) Mentoring Program.

She has been a member of the General Board of AESE Business School since 2018 and of the AESE Alumni Steering Committee since 2019.