About us


New R&D

A collaboration between EDP and CTG in the areas of R & D in the energy sector.

NEW - New Energy World

Mission and Vision

Our mission

To create sustainable value for EDP and CTG through collaborative R&D in the energy sector.
We work in areas of mutual interest for both companies and adopt an integrated approach in our projects to encourage an efficient use of resources and explore complementary knowledge. This strong collaboration is paramount for the success of our projects.

Our vision

To be a world class corporate R&D centre in the energy sector.
We aim to progressively become a reference in the energy sector by consistently participating in early stages of technology and knowledge development and by executing our projects with excellence. Our projects are focused in key priority areas for both shareholders:

  • Energy Storage and Energy Management
  • Smart Grids
  • Flexibility of Hydro and Thermal Assets
  • Offshore Wind

Our projects

NEW’s priority areas are based on EDP’s and CTG’s core competences and innovation priorities, but also the potential impact of each area in transforming the energy sector. Know our projects.