New R&D

A collaboration between EDP and CTG in the areas of R & D in the energy sector.


There are two R&D centres – Lisbon and Shanghai – which work in close collaboration through a Cooperation Agreement with the shared goal of strengthening the innovation ecosystem in both companies.

We intend to pave our way towards a world class R&D Centre covering a wide range of projects spread across our four foundation areas:

  • Energy Storage and Energy Management
  • Smart Grids and Digitalization
  • Flexibility in Energy Systems
  • Renewable Energy.

We have flagged several topics for projects that we believe are going to have a great impact on the energy sector in the future, such as: small scale storage; large scale storage; demand side management; renewable integration; energy aggregators; new energy markets design and business models.


To carry out our ambition we adopted a project-based structure which suits our concept of NEW R&D Centre, allowing a swift approach to project implementation. Notwithstanding, synergies among the projects are explored, and the energy sector as a whole is our background scope and therefore continually surveyed.

To implement the flagged topics, Lisbon and Shanghai centres both actively pursue opportunities in competitive R&D Funds available in Europe and China respectively, in addition to internal funding.

The Lisbon Centre mainly focuses on EU’s Horizon 2020 R&D framework program but also on Portugal’s funding framework for economic development.

Our competences and team

Our team has a broad knowledge in the energy sector:

  • Strong background in key areas of engineering as well as in management and business administration
  • State-of-the-art knowledge and experience in hydro, thermal and renewable energy technologies and energy markets
  • Skilled personnel in both laboratory and engineering functions
  • Extensive experience in project development and execution, operation and management
  • Leadership in innovation in smart grids, not only in terms of technology but also implementation and management

On the other hand we have distinctive infrastructures:

  • Asset basis which includes a diversified generation portfolio comprising conventional and renewable, with an overall installed capacity of 22 GW, generating 60.2TWh in 2014, of which 72% comes from wind and hydro plants.
  • Distribution grid with Smart Grid deployment through a smart grid project called InovGrid. It was first deployed in the municipality of Évora (EDP’s Inovcity) in 2010 and it has been extended to other cities across Portugal.
  • Laboratorial infrastructure facilities, where consulting/ testing services in the field of electricity (from production to consumption, energy transport, energy distribution, energy efficiency, renewable energies, metering / smart metering, etc.) are performed.

NEW R&D also draws on anchor partnerships with Portuguese/European and Chinese Universities and R&D Centres. Further partnerships with top tier academic actors are pursued on an on-going basis.

As we embrace further challenges and consolidate NEW’s position within the energy sector worldwide, we expect to increase our team and expanding our competences